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  Apart from exercises my first program (for copying floppy disks) was
  created on a Triumph-Adler Alphatronic P2 System in October 1983.
  Assembly and disassembly was done by hand, the hex code was
  entered via MOS monitor program and store on floppy disk, then.
  After over 30 years in the electronics amd IT industry I look back
  more and more often to this time and I can see, much knowledges
  about the old systems is threatened to get lost.Because of an
  affinity to Triumph Adler (probably based on my first experiences)
  I collect therefore all available documents, manuals, circuit diagrams,
  programs, etc. for the TA 1000 system (including the TA 1069 system,
  a version of the TA 1000 for the Deutsche Bahn), which was developed
  by the computer pioneer Otto Müller, as well as for whose CTM 70 system
  (in principle a 16bit version of the TA 1000).

  As a pioneering processor for parallel computing the transputer
  generates a high interest also in the retro computing scene.
  It appeared on the market, when I had finished my studies.
  It was the key element of my professional activity for many years.
  Therefore I can, also with the kind permission of the hema GmbH,
  provide some documents and programs to all those interested.
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