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  TA 1000, TA 1069 and CTM 70 has been distributed successfully in the
  midrange computer market  in the 70s of last century.
  These systems were competing on the market with systems of many other
  manufacturers (the variety of major computer manufacturers was much higher than
  today), such as with the PDP-8 and PDP-11 from Digital Equipment Corporation
  or the NOVA from Data General.
  While the knowhow of the american competitors can be found well documented
  on the internet (sometimes even FPGA implementations exist), the knowledge of the
  systems developed by Otto Müller is threatened  to get lost (as well as the knowledge
  of many other interesting systems).
  I'm therefore seeking documents (circuit diagrams, manuals, photos, ...),
  programs (listings, EPROMs, floppy disks ...) as well as any hardware of these
  systems and ask all those, who can contribute something to my collection,
  to contact me. The same applies to other interesting systems - my website can
  be extended by additionally systems, if reasonable or I can pass informations and
  donations into the "good hands" of other enthusiasts, for example, to members
  of the Verein zum Erhalt klassischer Computer e. V. .
© Rudolf Schörger
  Rudolf Schörger, who has preserved
  quite a few circuit diagrams of the TA 1000,
  working on such a system.

  ==>  TA 1000

© DB Museum Nürnberg

  TA 1069 System in the DB Museum Nürnberg,
  which was fully operational beyond the year 2000.

  ==> TA 1069

  CTM 70 of the SIB GmbH, now in the
  possession of Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin

  ==> CTM 70

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