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Ultronics GmbH

Hardware Development Software Development Construction


  We are a competent partner for converting your idea to a device ready for
  production, be it by supporting activities during the different stages of the
  project, be it by carrying out complete subtasks or by organizing the
  whole development and production process.

  Here some examples of projects done by us - although current developments
  or those, where appropriate agreements preclude this, had to be left outside
  of course, this should give an idea of the services we offer.

  We have thereby used a wide variety of
  - Microcontroller and DSPs (AVR, PIC, ARM7TDMI,
     ARM Cortex M0/M3/M4, x86, C2000, C3x/C4x)
  - programmable logic devices (PLDs,CPLDs,FPGAs from
  - sensors (incremental encoders, hall effect sensor, strain gauge,
     Pt100, GPS, ...),
  - or buses (PCI, SCSI, USB, CAN, RS232, RS422/RS485),
  so we can rely on a rich source of experiences while working on a given task.

  grepper with 2-axis stepper motor controller,
  barcode reader and distance sensor

for the INFINISTORE® archive systeme

production electronical boards:
Dommel GmbH

production mechanical components:
Stimpfle GmbH


                                  embedded PC
                            (acc. ETX® standard)
                       with Mouse, Keyboard, Floppy,
                      HDD, VGA, LVDS LCD panel,
                      Ethernet, RS232, CompactFlash®,
                                 CAN interface,
                     SCSI (with HVD & LVD adapter)
                     the INFINISTORE® archive systeme
                                  of GRAU DATA

Linux adaption,
CAN & SCSI driver,
applikation/control program
Ingenieurbüro Strohbeck

production elektronical boards:
Dommel GmbH

one of up to sixteen doorlocks

  power distribution board with
10-fold CAN switch,
  and securitiy hardware

for the INFINISTORE® archive systeme

production electronical boards:
Dommel GmbH

optimisation of the speed regulation
of a BLDC motor controller (MC33055)
 at low speeds

by using a
nultiple feedback low pass filter

BLDC motor controller
with CANopen® interface
for an inspection machine

production electronical boards:
Dommel GmbH

PCI acquisition controller
with CANopen® interface

production: Dommel GmbH

LED matrix board LED-M35 used
as spot light and back light in our
image processing applications

production: Cosytec GmbH

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