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Hardware Development Software Development Construction


  In addition to hardware/software co-developments, we carry out hardware-oriented
  firmware and pure software projects on various platforms.

  Our spectrum ranges from the programming of microcontrollers and DSPs on
  standard or custom boards over their integration into a PC/host environment up
  to pure PC applications, which we relize usually on basis of open GUI frameworks
  like wxWidgets or Qt, mostly in C/C++.

programing óf embedded systems in C/C++

such as DSPs of the C2000 family or

microprocessors of the ARM-family

application and GUI programing in C/C++

with wxWidgets or Qt

under MS Windows or Linux

Robotics and Image Processing

in cooperation with the


here: loader control for a thread chasing machine

preseperation, from bulk parts reservoir over a vibrating chute to a conveyor belt


recognition - classification of good and bad parts / position calculation


grepping, here with Yaskawa/Motoman roboter


inspection of inner diameter


alignment - 3D surveying with laser triangulation, alignment of sprue,
      further inspection (diameter, wrench width, length)


loading - here with Yaskawa/Motoman roboter


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